In February, twenty years ago, a small but ambitious record label, Antilounge Records, emerged onto the music scene of The Hague, Holland. Founded by a passionate music enthusiast with a vision to showcase the diverse talent of local artists to the world, Antilounge Records quickly became a hub for creativity and innovation.
The label’s mission was simple yet profound: to provide a platform for artists residing in The Hague to share their music with a global audience. The Hague, a city teeming with undiscovered musical talent, was the perfect backdrop for such an endeavor. Antilounge Records is aimed to capture the essence of The Hague’s vibrant music scene and bring it to the forefront of the international stage. For instance artists like A Made Up Sound (2562), Torus and Deadcrow are now big international artists and started back in the days on the label.
For the first decade of its existence, Antilounge Records released annual compilations, each showcasing a curated selection of tracks from local artists. These compilations served as a testament to the rich and diverse musical landscape of The Hague, garnering attention from music enthusiasts around the world.
As the label grew in stature, so too did its roster of artists. In addition to compilations, Antilounge Records began releasing EPs, albums, remix albums, and even organizing innovative projects such as The Hague Songbook Exchange. These endeavors further solidified the label’s reputation as a trailblazer in the world of independent music.
Now, as Antilounge Records celebrates its twentieth anniversary, it continues to push boundaries and defy expectations. On May 29th, a special remix album will be released, featuring an eclectic lineup of artists, including Loann Lukyann, denote, OKIN-OMIS, SCLE, Tonal Verges, Mye_Taai, Mono-Amine, Zoe Reddy, Monomyth, Oedicardia, Edward Johannes, Foresense, Stellaria Nemorum, Adrian Newgent, Alkaloid, Black Hawaii, COCO COCAINE, Marric, Storm op de Maan, Advent Resilience, OK SJON, Antoine Chigurh, and many more.
As Antilounge Records looks back on two decades of musical innovation, it remains committed to its founding principles: to champion the talent of The Hague and share it with the world. With each release, the label continues to captivate audiences and inspire artists, proving that great music knows no bounds. Here’s to another twenty years of creativity, collaboration, and groundbreaking music.
Join us in celebrating two decades of creativity, collaboration, and groundbreaking music on friday the 29th of March 2024. Location: Pip
Here’s to many more years of innovation and inspiration!
Line up:
A Made Up Sound (aka 2562)
Charly & Gallus
Edward Johannes
Black Hawaii
Adrian Newgent
& more tba
22:00 – 05:00 @Pip
Bink 36
The Hague