Edward Johannes and Foresense present a split EP on Antilounge Records called “Sudden Fiction / Dots”. The EP features four tracks from Edward and three tracks from Foresense.

They deliver a braindance oriented album about fictional and dreamlike states of mind, to disjoined time warped states. Both sides complement each other well. Edward’s music unfolds in minimalistic melodies that revolve around piano chords, combined with field recorded beats. Foresense explores the elasticity of time and a floating tonal space, rushing along jungle influenced breaks and acidic melodies.

Edward Johannes, formerly known as Generate, is an electronic musician living in The Hague. Inspired by a diverse range of genres, including jungle, breaks and jazz, Edward has crafted a sound that blends complex rhythms and refined melodies. His compositions radiate emotion and attention to detail, creating a bass-oriented experience. With notable remixes for esteemed artists like Kettel, Roel Funcken, Emika, and Stillhead, as well as features on respected compilation albums, Edward has continuously pushed his own unique sound.

Foresense, the stage name of Robert Beenen, is a Hague-based musician inspired by early Warp Records artists like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. With a diverse musical background spanning from 80s-90s radio to alternative rock, hip-hop, jazz, and classical, he became prolific upon realizing he could create albums solely on his computer. His work highlights his admiration for modern technology and his dedication to exploring electronic music’s capabilities. A significant theme in his work is the impact of time on rhythm and human progression.

Both members of INDEx, a collective of musicians and dj’s that play and promote outlier electronic music.


Available on vinyl, digital & streaming platforms.

Artwork by Sarah Dietz.  http://sarahdietz.nl

More info: linktr.ee/antilounge


The release of this ep will be celebrated at The Grey Space in the Middle.

Line up:
Edward Johannes
Elif Soguksu
21:00 to 02:00
10,- entrance
15,- entrance and digital download
20,- entrance and vinyl
(only vinyl = 15,-)