20 November 2020 is the release date from THE HAGUE SONGBOOK EXCHANGE, an exchange of compositions between jazz musicians and producers from the electronic music scene. A collaboration release from Antilounge Records & Challenge Records. This double album with 20 tracks is available on CD and online.

11 December 2020 we celebrate this release, more info you can check here 


The exchange combinations are:

Wolfert Brederode & Joost Lijbaart and Generate.
Ellister van der Molen & Bob Wijnen and Sciant Lentement.
Celia Swart and Foresense.
Juraj Stanik and Marric.
knimes Acoustic Group and Stekkerdoos.
Madhara and Zoe Reddy.
Rembrandt Frerichs & Ties Mellema and Alkaloid.
Ben van den Dungen Quartet and Olaf Wempe.
Matchless and Adrian Newgent.
John Ruocco and Deadcrow.